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V. Subrahmanian (Subbu) was born in 1956 in Bangalore, India, and graduated in Commerce and worked for the Reserve Bank of India, Bangalore until 1995. He was taught the Advaita Vedanta by a Jivanmukta Acharya, Prof. D.S. Subbaramaiya who taught Quantum Physics in the Central College, Bangalore. The Professor, himself having had training in Vedanta in the traditional manner, taught many aspirants who came to Him until His passing away in 1991.

Being devoted to the Sringeri Sharada Peetham, Subbu now spends time in sadhana, Vedantic study with other aspirants and writing articles on Advaita Vedanta related topics

Visit V. Subrahmanian’s blog adbhutam.wordpress.com for more information about his work.

From today, Guru Purnima day 31st July 2015, we shall follow Upanishads commentaries of Shri V. Subrahmanian beginning with the Mundaka Upanishad. May Isvara guide us all.